Here’s to you…

I heard something this morning on the radio that made me think on and off all day. The question “if given the chance, what would you tell your younger you?”…hmmm. What would I tell my younger me? Instantly I remembered my “roaring twenties”…boy oh boy!

Immediately I wanted to hug the 20-something me and say Jesus loves you don’t be afraid. Then I’d say how important it is to follow your passions, pursue your happiness and go to school. I’d say don’t wait, get out now. I’d say don’t give your pearls to pigs. I’d say listen more and talk less. I’d say “Girl! You’re gonna LOVE your thirties!”

I then skipped further down memory lane and stopped at my “sturdy thirties” and smiled. I’d say you have a beautiful family and are so blessed. I’d say things are hard now but will get better. I’d say you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. I’d say keep going and don’t look back.

Then I looked in the mirror and said “Here’s to you, job well done!”

If given the chance, what would YOU say to your younger you?


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