Head over heels…

I’m about 5’1”..on a good day at least..lol. My husband is 6’3” so of course if I want to even be in the same atmosphere I have to wear heels sometimes up to 6 inches. I have been wearing heels for years and like most of us; wear them at work, to go out and sometimes almost every day. As the years go by, and I get older my days of wearing heels and the height of them have shortened. All those years of pounding the New York City pavement and jogging up and down the subway stairs have really caught up to me so imagine my relief that I only wear them for occasions and church..lol. I walk to the car and then to my destination.

I have lower back issues and from what I heard, heels really don’t help; in fact they are contributors…sorry ladies! So here is the skinny of it! High heels although a crucial part of any FAB outfit cause backache and can cause balance issues and after a while really hurt your feet…literally.

Read on…

So, in my research I found out there are two main reasons why your stillettos get a bad rap:

First, high-heels throw your weight forward making it hard to keep your balance. Then we’re forced to use extra muscles to keep us from falling on our faces. The bulk of this muscle use is concentrated in the lower back, causing you to stand with an exaggerated arch which then leads to back pain. The effects go beyond the lower back. The human body functions as a whole unit so when one area of the body is in discomfort it has a trickling effect on the rest of the body producing a series of related restrictions extending from the head down to the feet. Imbalance of the body can cause shallow breathing, tension or tightness in your neck and shoulders, knee and ankle pain.

The second reason for high heels concern is that they make it really hard for your feet to do their job; sensing and balancing. The structure of your foot is very similar to that of your hand with many bones and joints specially designed to allow us to quickly and easily adapt to whatever it comes into contact with. When our tootsies are crammed into tight-fitting shoes or super heels we then almost completely lose all contact or sense of the surface on which we’re standing or walking on. Ever seen a woman look like she’s about to eat the pavement? It’s cuz she is!

Does this mean that we can’t ever wear our beloved Louboutins, Manolos and Jimmy Choo’s? God forbid..lol..there’s of course no harm in wearing them once in a while…;-)

If you are like most women today and wear your heels regularly and want to lessen your use of them, it’s probably best to wean yourself off of them so to speak. Gradually reduce height of the heel and the amount of time you wear them will give your body time to adjust.

Well there you have it kids! Everything in moderation including high heels.


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