What you should know about alcoholism…

What you should know about alcoholism


This particular topic hits home like whoa! I grew up in a household with one alcoholic parent and just recently had an episode with another family member suffering from the same addiction. Growing up in such a household or being around an addict of any kind can be both interesting and damaging to the human spirit and, if nothing else you grow up really quickly. The following is some information I compiled for those seeking some answers and to possibly bring some awareness to anyone who either parties alot, or you know of someone who does.

Am I an alcoholic? Dependence on alcohol is where you feel the need or a strong urge to drink; this is known as alcoholism. When you indulge in this craving or need for alcohol, it leads to loss of control where the person lacks the ability to limit his drinking, basically you have no “stop” button. The person becomes physically dependent; if they don’t consume alcohol, they will have an onset of withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking, nausea, and even anxiety. Without help, the addict will build a tolerance for alcohol wherein he/she will then need to drink greater amounts in order to get high. Due to the effect it has on our emotions, the control it has over our minds and bodies, and how it makes us feel, alcohol is considered a drug.

 Alcoholism facts

  •  More people die from alcoholism than from drug addiction.
  •  It’s important to know about alcoholism and the facts surrounding the subject in order to cope and deal with the situation better. While it is fun to have at parties and social gatherings, it is also a widespread problem. Alcoholism facts show that moderate alcohol use in adults is not harmful; but in the case of young people, it’s a real threat. 
  • Alcohol is attractive to young people and it is used so they can cope better with the pressures of their lives, peer pressure and changes that their body and minds may be going through.
  • When intoxicated, young people especially, are less likely to focus and pay attention, which increases the death rate of people under the age of 21. Their deaths are mostly  from car crashes or violent deaths wherein the people involved were intoxicated. 
  • Alcohol and caffeine are the two most widely used substances in the world.
  • Alcohol affects a person by relaxing them, making them feel less inhibited. Studies show that intoxicated females are more likely to engage in sexual activities and have un – protected sex with a stranger.
  • It is more difficult to diagnose a person dependent or addicted to alcohol who may have mental disorders like anxiety and depression, as alcoholism masks these emotional problems.
  • People who are intoxicated are more likely to attempt suicide. 
  • A young person can pick up the habit based on influences in the first 20 years of his life, like peer influence, society and family relationships, their parents’ attitude toward drinking, etc. Once addicted to alcohol, it’s highly possible that a taste for drugs will develop and an addiction to those will form as well. 

The aforementioned is just smidgen of info that I gathered, there are many more alcoholism facts that each and every person should know about. When intoxication actually happens, the effects of being intoxicated and ways on how to prevent or cope with the addiction. By making yourself aware or bringing awareness to others, you can save yourself a lifetime of heartache and even tragedy.

Let me recommend two good e – books, if you, or someone you know and love is affected by alcoholism in anyway pass this along:

 I Live With An Alcoholic; Help for People Impacted By Alcoholism


How To Give Up Alcohol


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