Potluck Night


Girl talk over home cooked meals made by your besties..

win win!

If your group of gal pals are like mine they can throw down in the kitchen, have a Potluck Party! These have to be the easiest parties to plan. Everyone cooks their signature dish and brings it to the party…the girl that can’t cook can bring the refreshments..lol..everyone must bring something.

Pick a date. Send invites out early! If you’ve read my other posts you know how I feel about this…in short..be considerate..if you don’t you’ll be sitting alone Potluck Night looking crazy…period.

Assignments. Who’s bringing what? Every lady has their dish they put their entire foot in. Example: My friend Emilia makes the yummiest Ziti, my Priscila makes the best coffee, Megan knows she can make some mac & cheese and my sister Jackie’s pink beans are better than my mom’s…see the trend? What is everyone specialty have them make it and bring it.

Plan. Coordination is key to the success of this type of party because the food is dependent on your guests. So it’s a good idea to remind everyone a few days before the party of what they are bringing so if they can’t for some reason you have time fill in accordingly.

Seating. Make sure the dining area is cozy and comfortable. Have enough chairs and dinnerware and such. Seat your girls randomly so there is even interaction…avoid cliques. You want all your guests to have a good time.

Appetizers and Desserts. There should be plenty of food to be served so they may not even be necessary. You can serve two different kinds just to build appetites. Nothing too heavy. Another option is to create a beverage for everyone to try while all the ladies and everyone mingles.

Dessert should be light as well…maybe a sorbet or a light cake.

Gifts. The piece de resistance. I’m big on gifts and souvenirs.  Keepsakes are fun and thoughtful..stay within your theme…again…be creative! (They can also be edible)

Well there you have it folks. Stay tuned for more party tips and ideas. Till next time!

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