Brunch anyone?

So it’s your turn to host the next “girls” gathering and you want to do something nice, inexpensive and different…how about a throwing a brunch party? 

A brunch party is a FAB way to get the girls together for a different type of meal. Prepping this little soiree is a lot more affordable than having a dinner party..:-) 

I’m excited! I love parties! First you’ll have to pick a date and you can so use your home for this event you just need to decide when.

Okay so you set a date…now to mail out invites. Ok so while you may think snail mail is for the birds I’m gonna Facebook event it or blast email it…phone calls and mailed invites are fun and personal and definitely NOT a thing of the past! Have fun with your invites and be sure to let everyone know it’s a brunch party. 

The Setup. Often times brunches are set up buffet style.  This will work best so everyone can pick what they want and it keeps you out of “server” mode and more into “party goddess”” mode. 

Choose a nice table cloth that goes with the décor in your home, finesse it with some pretty napkins or fold them in a fancy style (look up napkin folding on google!) A fan design is usually very nice on the table. Maybe some flowers around the place to add some color and pretty to the room.

Ok so that’s that! Now on to the best part…the food. So what are you going to serve? So you should have breakfast stuff. Like yummy rolls with different spreads. Egg dishes, maybe some fish, yummy muffins, finger sandwiches and of course fruit. Edible baskets of fruits are very popular but can be a little pricey so you may opt for a pretty fruit salad with lots of variety and color. Mimosas are optional. Plan to serve items that you know you and your guests would truly enjoy. Let’s not lose focus, brunch is actually a combination of breakfast and lunch. Try to figure out a creative way to combine the two. You don’t want to go overboard. Remember that a brunch is not only supposed to be fun for your guests but for you as well. All of your food should be prepared the morning of your brunch party. When it comes to brunch everyone wants their dishes fresh. It may be a good idea to get some help setting up. 

Decorations? You really don’t need any because the food is the focal point of the event and if you have a nice setup it’s all you really need. Once you have the food all figured out, you are done. 

On the day of  the party all you have to do is set the table and greet your guests. Having a brunch party will not cost you lots of money and you will definitely enjoy it. Remember to keep the decorations simple with nothing fancy. Keeping it simple will keep the party enjoyable. Good luck and have a FAB party!


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