Effective Shopping

If you’re like me and have a family to feed then you too are finding it harder and more expensive than it used to be. Grocery shopping and saving has become something of an art form and fad. With websites and even television shows instructing you on how to become an effective shopper and get more bang for your buck. I admit I was skeptical…I don’t cut coupons and when I do I forget them at home anyway so what was the point. But when I noticed I was spending almost twice as much for less than I usually do monthly and my resources weren’t stretching to the end of the month, a red flag went up…Houston, we have a problem.

Thanx to my sissy in law I too am now an “”Effective Shopper”. It’s not hard at all to save money on groceries and household items.

1. You have to want to save and make the effort to do so

2. You have to be organized and kind of disciplined (get what you need not always what you want)

3. You MUST do your research! (weekly circulars at your local grocers and clip coupons)

I was like most of us…I don’t wanna do all of that I just want to shop and get it over with but, when your funds are all budgeted and limited to the same and you spend more, you have to take away from other things that may need to get paid in the home; bills, entertainment, etc. I don’t know about you but my husband and I work too hard not be able to afford at least a $1.00 movie at the Redbox kiosk once or twice a month.

So, here’s how we do it:

1. Make a list and stick to it.

2. Research – I go on my favorite grocers websites (if available) and use their shopping list feature. I select my groceries and make my list. I save on ink and paper my emailing the list to myself with access to it on my iPhone…ain’t technology grand?

3. If you have a Walmart near or market that does “ad matches” take advantage! Walmart has this and offers ad matches to its customers when shopping at approved retailers. I show them the price of their competitor on my phone and I get the item from them…awesome when the competitor has “buy one get one free”. You save even more if you have a coupon for the item purchased.

4. Coupons! I know clipping them can be a pain and sometimes there is nothing you want to buy that even has a coupon. Don’t be discouraged. There are websites with tons of coupons for things you need in your home. The best part is you print as many as you want and if you get into the mind frame that the discounts of these coupons come off of your overall shopping, you will see the difference in the money spent.

5. Be disciplined – buy what you NEED not necessarily what you WANT. Not to say you should deprive yourself a goodie or two..do it wisely so you get more bang for your buck.

For example: Whether you’re shopping for a week or a month, think of cooking your dinners and packing your lunches for days in advance.

Buy your meats and ingredients first. It’s the most expensive item on your list, once out of your way, you know how much you can spend on your other items.

Next, buy your produce and breads. Get over name brands, times are hard and in the end your spending more for the same thing (items that are a name brand MUST are allowed and encouraged but again, do it wisely, I agree that somethings cannot be store brand, it just ain’t the same thing).

Moving on, get your condimentts and breakfast items. Then household items and lastly, your goodies.

There you have it folks! I hope this was helpful and you too can save some money on grocery shopping.

  • Remember to check your list as you go along, have your coupons ready at checkout.
  • Inform the cashier of any ad matches or savings, reasearch and see if the store offers double coupons savings or coupons from other stores.
  • Stick to your list! Resist the urge to splurge!

There are plenty of resources to help you become a more effective shopper and save too!



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