You and me boo…Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching here are a few great idea u can both do with ur boo and include on a cute date night or just a gift from the heart! Enjoy!


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Fat Flush Water


fat flush water


You should drink at least three 8 oz glasses per day, they say the longer it sits, the better it tastes. You can eat them as well but they are intended as flavoring and still work, so that is a personal choice. The Vitamin C turns fat into fuel, the tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, and the cucumber makes you feel full. Try it for 10 days and see what you think! Who’s up for the challenge?

Ingredients per 8 oz serving

1 slice grapefruit
1 tangerine
½ cucumber, sliced
2 peppermint leaves
Ice – as much as you like

Wash grapefruit, tangerine cucumber and peppermint leaves. Slice cucumber, grapefruit and tangerine (or peel). Combine all ingredients (fruits, vegetables, 8 oz water, and ice) into a large pitcher.

(The person who posted this has it in bottles for easy carry and consumption and says that you can keep adding water to it and letting it sit. The longer it sits the better it tastes. If this is an option for you I would not drink out of the bottle for fear of bacteria but pour it in a cup or glass 8 oz at a time..but that’s just me!)

Stir & Enjoy!

Hey you…I love you!

43 ways to love myself


Happy New Year lovelies!! It’s been a good long while since I’ve been her and I am way overdue. I have a lot going on in my life and I am probably the happiest and most content I have ever been.

Since my teens I remember making goals in my head that I had to reach at any given time.

  1. Good grades (while I was in school)
  2. Work
  3. Boyfriend

In no particular These were key to my happiness, so I thought. As I got older and I no longer had so much space in my life my goals and needs changed.

I had kids, got married, worked full time, got older, re-located, started my own business, got older, neglected myself, got sick, got older, forgot myself, got older…see a pattern? And then one day…I made a decision…older doesn’t mean dead folks. It really doesn’t. I’m not a stickler for age and how much I miss my “youth” because I really don’t. There is not a day that I can say “..oh how I wish I was in my twenties again…” I love the fact that this year I will be turning 43 and that I stopped dying my hair and cut all the dye out and now I rock a short cut with a head full of grays and not a wrinkle on my face, thank you very much!!

The point is that getting older or well-seasoned isn’t an issue for me it was losing myself that became a problem. Feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated..that’s a problem. I was spreading myself thin and doing the very MOST!! I was unfocused, agitated, irritable and in a nutshell, unhappy.

I made a decision to get my life and get my happy!! I made a list and every year as I will be a year older I add one more thing. As I am a sharer, I am sharing my list with you to maybe inspire or just give an idea if you have been through this or are going through this now.

Enjoy and God bless!!


  1. Have a random moment of reflection; why aren’t you happy? Are you projecting your unhappiness to those around you? Set a realistic goal to get your life and get your happy back!
  2. Create a list of all the stuff you rock at and read it to yourself at any given time (especially when you’re feeling blue)
  3. The body you have is yours to love!! The one that created it is PERFECT and you were made in His image!!
  4. Lift your head up as you walk you are destined for greatness!!
  5. Listen to music that makes you feel good
  6. Have a photo shoot!!
  7. Make a gratitude gift box for yourself. Add little things that reflect you are grateful for YOU.
  8. Every night before bed tell yourself and your body how much you appreciate it.
  9. Get comfy in your own skin. Stand naked in front of the mirror and claim your inner rockstar!!
  10. List 5 reasons why your hardest challenges or worst mistakes or most unloved qualities have been a beautiful thing for you.
  11. Hindsight is 20/20 so forgive yourself and keep it moving.
  12. STOP saying you need to work out then feel bad because you don’t and find something to do that makes you feel good and makes you laugh (that doesn’t involve
  13. Take time to enjoy the CHEW!! Every bite should be savored. Focus on flavor and really enjoy nourishing yourself.
  14. Take everything out of your closet and only put back in the things that make you FEEL amazing when you wear them! And then call up your girls and host a Swap Party!!
  15. Allow yourself time to “do nothing”.
  16. Understand that these ways to love yourself need to be done with passion and authentic intention, and not just something you check off a list.
  17. Stop making excuses for what you love and just LOVE IT OUT LOUD!
  18. If you feel’s ok. The sun can’t shine every day.
  19. Spend lots of time in prayer or stillness. There is a big difference between staying still and doing nothing.
  20. Eat when you’re hungry. Rest when you’re tired. The world will have to wait boo. You matter and so do your needs…don’t forget it.
  21. Surround yourself with FAB 24 hour women who will remind you of Who You Are when you forget about the ways to love yourself.
  22. Have a good belly aching laugh!!
  23. Just do it!
  24. Understand how it is you learned to not love yourselfll be for another time..coming soon) so you can break the habit for good and make loving yourself a lifestyle.
  25. Give yourself permission to out and out bawl when your heart is hurting.
  26. Write down 5 ways to love yourself each morning before you even start your day.
  27. Celebrate your scars and stretch marks.
  28. Make a commitment to use positive words to describe yourself.
  29. Replace “have to” with “get to” and begin to see that life is always an opportunity for you to show off your prowess. (Still working on this one)
  30. Find the one hairstyle that allows your inner self to glow and rock it – no matter how wild it is or in my case GRAY!
  31. Buy or gather your favorite flowers, and write yourself a love note to go with it.
  32. Make yourself a yummy meal or take yourself out to dinner to eat in the peaceful company of YOU.
  33. Choose to be in a relationship with your life and experiences.
  34. Give love to others, not because of who they are, but because of Who You Are.
  35. Schedule your own spa day and pamper yourself.
  36. Learn to tune into the little voice inside.
  37. Gift yourself a gift once a month.
  38. Get a mani/pedi.
  39. Eat one yummy food that makes you feel great.
  40. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy.
  41. Make one small space in your home a reflection of Who You Are – ditch what you don’t love or use often, paint the walls, bring in a comfy place to sit, light your candles, pile up your journal, books and art supplies, listen to inspiring music and dwell there often.
  42. Write yourself a love letter. And frame that bad boy. Look at it anytime you need to remember how beautiful you are.
  43. Make memories with the ones you love and most importantly, love you back.!

fiesta salad

Ginny's Cookbook

2 bonless skinless chicken breasts
1 can black beans
green onion
Good Seasonings Italian Dressing

1. Slice chicken into strips and skillet fry in italian dressing.
2. Cook black beans until soft.
3. While chicken and beans are cooking, shred lettuce, slice tomato, and green onions into large bowl
4. When black beans are soft transfer to strainer and rinse in cold water, add to lettuce, tomato, and green onions
5. Make salad dressing by mixing salsa and italian dressing to taste and dress salad
6. Add chicken to salad and serve, garnish with tortilla chips and cheese

Note: above amounts serve 2 large portions

From Laura Albert

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